TRISAT Operations

The TRISAT nanosatellite has a downlink in the UHF frequency band. The transmit power is 1 W. The modulation used is a GFSK modulation with a modulation index of 0.5. The CCSDS TM data protocol is used. The combined Convoltional (7 1/2) with Reed-Solomon (255,223) coding is used.

TRISAT periodically transmits beacon signals in the form of several CCSDS TM frames with a period of approximately 40 seconds. Additionally, CCSDS TM frames are transmitted in response to CCSDS TC queries, which are expected to take place when the satellite is above the GS at the University of Maribor.

Downlink parameters

Frequency 435 – 438 MHz TBD
Bandwidth Less than 25 kHz
Transceiver transmit power 1 W
Modulation GFSK, m = 0.5
Baud rate 9766
Protocol CCSDS TM
Encoding Reed Solomon (255,223) coding

Convolutional (7 1/2) coding